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Power In The Company: How, When, How Much?

The leader, to enhance his leadership, must get the group to follow him, interpret the needs of the group and, at the same time, develop the organization. The search for this harmony people

Running an organization requires skills and abilities that any SME entrepreneur could list without hesitation. Power management is one of them. It is a difficult element to balance since the leader’s objective is always to make rational use (not abuse) of him and, at the same time, make his team respond to him.

First, an organization always needs hierarchies for its operation. “Hierarchies serve all living organisms. However, many times it is believed that power is a bad thing and there is a tendency to democratize everything instead of hierarchizing ”, warns José María Quiros, head of the JMQuiros consulting firm and SME businessman, as he calls himself.

There are two aspects that must be developed in a company: the organization and the people. For this, says the consultant, two different types of power are used:

– Maintenance: he who seeks to distribute what has been achieved and whoever exercises it thinks that when one wins the other loses. – With purpose: it is the power that makes one develop the business and at the same time this suits the people who work there. In this process, it may even happen that some people develop more quickly than the business and must leave. This is a natural part of that evolution and you have to accept it. “It is a mistake to take people as a resource; it is a potential. And it is the leader’s obligation to develop the potential of his people. You can do things to increase power and use it correctly, “says Quirós.

Having agreed that power is a tool to achieve positive benefits for the company and those who work there, Quiros highlights that the keys to “empower ourselves” are:

1 – Reliability in compliance: A person can own a company but not the objectives that are set for people. In other words, we entrepreneurs love to establish values; increase yield 10%, increase sales 20% … It seems that we set our goals first and then we look at people. However, power is given by what is accomplished, not what is required, ”says the expert. Is that, if people do not comply with the request, they take away power from the entrepreneur. In short, you have to:

– Be clear about the purpose
– Ask what can be accomplished
– Make decisions quickly and keep them

2 – Managing uncertainty: A common mistake for entrepreneurs is to be “smart” all the time and show that they are able to foresee everything, even adverse factors. However, and while having a realistic view of the context, the team should not be surrounded by uncertainty. Here, the keys are:

– Do not try to control everything
– Be a container rather than the one who foresees everything
– Assume your own role and accept business solitude

In companies, to continue growing you must learn to drive. “We did a survey on the street and asked people who makes the decision in your company? The answer was: the boss or owner. At the same time, the majority confessed to disagreeing with those decisions. The third question was: who should make the decisions? All answered: the boss or owner. In other words, people do not have to agree with us and our decisions. In many cases there is no need to ask. But at the same time it should not be forgotten that you cannot put your business ahead of people. If I don’t have people who can do it, I don’t have a business. So you have to learn to drive, “concludes the consultant. A difficult balance to achieve but a challenge that is handled daily by business men and women.