José María Quirós is the greatest exponent in the specialty of small and medium-sized companies.He has been a pioneer in the study and systematization of the reality of Small and Medium Enterprises.She knows the characteristics of Small and Medium Enterprises as well as the dreams, contradictions, dilemmas and difficulties of the person who runs it, the entrepreneur like no one else.

In 1983 he founded Estudio JM Quirós , an entity dedicated exclusively to advising SME owners to help them in the business domain and increase profitability.

In his 28 years of experience in the specialty, together with his prestigious consulting staff, he has advised a whole range of small and medium-sized companies, from independent businesses to important service companies or high-tech production industries. He has conducted field research on:

• Business Restructuring
• Successes and Difficulties of Medium and Small Companies.
• Companies in complexity and how to regain dominance
• Stages of the Company
• Stock management in times of deflation
• Variables that determine the success of the SME strategy.In addition to his career as a consultant specializing in SMEs, he chairs the Training and Business Center , an institution dedicated exclusively to training managers.Its unique ability to clearly and stimulatingly interpret the particularity of SMEs is expressed in all its magnitude in its Business Update Days in which more than 14,000 SME entrepreneurs have participated.He was a speaker at The Summit of Growing Companies held in July 2004 in Mexico City and the Seminar for SMEs organized by the LATU Technological Laboratory of Uruguay in Montevideo.He made a tour of all the regions of Chile for Publiguías (Grupo Telefónica) in which 1,000 businessmen participated.He was the main speaker at Tour Pyme México 2006, organized by HSM Group, in which 1,500 entrepreneurs participated.Lecturer and Coordinator of the Management Pyme Forum 2007 and 2008 and 2009 in Bogotá, Colombia.He was a speaker and member of the Steering Committee of Exponenciar 2004 developing topics for SMEs.He was the exhibitor who opened the Clarín Pymes 2006 and 2007 Conferences.He was a Master Lecturer at the 2010 APEC SME Summit in Peru before more than 1,200 businessmen.

He participated in the master conferences at Expo Telcel held at the Banamex Center in 2006.
 He has trained executives, clients, or distributors of:

HSM Group, Telecom Personal, UPS, INTEL, Telcel (Mexico), Banco Río, American Express, Hewlett Packard, Lloyds Bank, Philips Morris, CTI Móvil, Telmex Argentina Aventis, Telecom Argentina , Molinos Río de La Plata, Grupo Clarín, UOL Sinectis, Liquid Carbonic Argentina, LATU Uruguay, Manpower, LAN Chile, DHL, La Caja, Ticket Total, CNA ART, Banco Supervielle, Publiguías de Chile (Grupo Telefónica), BCI Banco de Credit and Investments of Chile etc.